NIKE x RICCARDO TISCI – Nike + RT – Air Force 1 Collection

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Nike are known for collaborating with the creme de la creme and this week is no exception. Riccardo Tisci, designer with French fashion house Givenchy has reinvented Nike’s iconic silhouette the Air Force 1 for Spring/Summer 2014.


Ricardo Tisci (RT) is responsible for bringing Givenchy back into the limelight and has been the firms creative directory since 2005 and thought to be the best designer for the label since Hubert de Givenchy.His talents and influence used in obtaining RnB sensation Erykah Badu to be the face of Givenchy’s spring 2014 campaign and securing himself another three years with the label.

RT has a street passion and has always loved all things American including Nike, he feels a kind of bond with America due to his time playing basketball as a youth in Italy. Plus he has been wearing the same style of Nike sneaker for the past 15 years an…

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