ACRONYM Spring/Summer 2014 Collection – Video

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Acronym are a German based technical outwear brand founded and modelled by Errolson Hugh. Initially founded by Michaela Sachenbacher & Errolson Hugh as an independent design agency with a focus of uniting style and technology in apparel and continue to amaze us with their inventions till this day.

Known for their techinical and functionality details on their garments. Acronym last amazed us with their SS13 collection video and with their huge attention to detail, making it ideal for the man always on the move.

Acronym have a unique and modern day feel which is a result of their choice using waterproof and windproof fabrics such as Gor-tex, Schoeller and amphibious cotton. Their sharp and often minimalist appearance means that their jackets can be used in a both formal and social settings.

One thing that makes Acronym and designer Errolson Hugh really stand out is their innovative approach to function of their garments…

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